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Care Management | Patient Advocacy | Consulting

Care Management | Patient Advocacy | Consulting

What We Do

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Sage Solutions works with individuals and families with the goal of optimizing the quality of life and well being of the older adult. This can include:

  • Assessment and monitoring
  • Planning and problem-solving
  • Education and advocacy
  • Family caregiver coaching
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We Help Families

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  • Set priorities
  • Review their options
  • Make informed decisions
  • Implement solutions
  • And, ultimately, feel a sense of relief
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We Can Assist With Decisions Surrounding:

  • Housing: downsizing, de-cluttering, transitioning to a community
  • Legal/Financial: referrals to qualified, vetted attorneys & financial advisors
  • Care: determining appropriate level of care and setting (in home, assisted living, skilled, memory care)
  • Peace of Mind: acting as eyes and ears for long distance care givers
  • Medical: attending doctor appointments
  • Communication: keeping family members and others apprised as to any changes in status
  • Socialization: creating a customized plan to enhance life enrichment and social engagement
  • Memory Impairment: special expertise in working with individuals with dementia
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Care Management

Care management is a client-centered approach geared toward optimizing the quality of life of the older adult. Our guidance can lead families to actions and decisions that result in quality care as well as a reduction in the stress associated with caregiving.

More About Care Management
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Patient Advocacy

Communication with medical offices and providers can be a daunting task, particularly for many older adults. We can help by attending doctor’s appointments as well as assuring follow-through on important follow-up orders.

More About Patient Advocacy
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Helping your aging parents is a complex task. Sometimes you just need answers — and we have solutions. In addition to our ongoing care management services, we also offer focused, one-hour consultations. Let’s dive into your family challenges and problem-solve.

More About Consulting


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Kathy Freda of Sage Solutions, LLC has worked with my family in helping our Dad who has dementia for the last 6 months. To say that Kathy has been our guiding light in all of this confusion is an understatement. Kathy is a true professional; one who has worked tirelessly to help my dad live the best life possible. My father needed to move quite suddenly. Not knowing where to turn, Kathy completely took this impossible situation and found my father a wonderful living situation. Kathy has been an incredible foundation of support for us. She is always positive and available. Being extremely knowledgeable, Kathy shares this wealth of information and is able to connect you with the any additional professionals needed. The way Kathy interacts with my family and my dad conveys a warmth and care that is not often found in many. I truly feel that she treats my father as if he was hers. What more could you ask for from someone in which you have entrusted the care of your father? I trust Kathy implicitly in every aspect of my father’s care. Many times she has acted on behalf of my family and she completely exceeds are expectations. It has been an absolute pleasure to know and work with Kathy and Sage Solutions. I believe that in all of this confusion, difficulty, and at times, traumatic situations, Kathy is the good that has come from all of it. I highly and unequivocally recommend Kathy Freda and Sage Solutions for anyone who has a loved one in need on exceptional care as they certainly provide it.
– Julie W.

I can’t say enough good things about Kathy Freda from Sage Solutions! She has acted on our behalf to help us navigate through our father’s dementia and I would overwhelmingly recommend her to anyone and everyone! Not only has she helped us with finding a place for my father, getting him set up with care but he also connects with her and recognizes her as someone that he knows and feels safe with every time he sees her. She has gone above and beyond in everything we have needed…we would have been absolutely lost going through this process without her.
– Kelley C.

Sage Solutions provided amazing care to my mother who suffers from dementia. Kathy was kind, gentle and compassionate with my mom and her care often resulted in “breakthroughs” or “awakenings” with my mom’s dementia. It was comforting for us to know our mother was in such good hands. Kathy was an excellent resource for my siblings and me – she was there to answer our questions or listen to us when we were sad or feeling helpless – she always knew what to say to comfort us, or had recommendations to “reach” our mom. I would highly recommend hiring Kathy to help with an elderly loved one.
– Lisa D.

Sage Solutions truly is a thoroughly trained, extremely experienced and very compassionate team of individuals that care so much for your loved one, they are family. Our family has 4 siblings in 4 different states, but now we feel we have a team of 8 helping care for our parents with the 4 additions to the care-taking crew thanks to Sage Solutions’ expertise. We have felt a great amount of relief and much hope that with Sage Solutions as part of our parent’s care-taking team, Mom and Dad do and will have the highest quality of life possible. Don’t hesitate to contact and hire them. You need them now and you will be glad to have them in the future that is nearer than you think. They are truly what they say they are.
– Julie D.

I was appointed Conservator for an elderly gentleman who was residing in a nursing home. He had fairly advanced dementia and I knew that he wasn’t getting a lot of attention where he was because the staff is so stretched for time, and, he also had no family nearby. I have known Kathy (owner of Sage Solutions) for over a decade and knew she could help this man improve his life in some way. Kathy assessed him and found, among many other things, that he didn’t speak at all; he uttered a few sounds occasionally, but not more than that. After collaborating with some of the facility’s staff, Kathy then embarked upon a plan to enrich this man’s life ~ and, ultimately, she did. Over several months time, Kathy was able to elicit verbal responses, smiles, and even laughter, from a man who had been virtually silent until then. She played music for him, showed him photos of places he lived when he was younger, surrounded him with beautiful scents, and, most of all, made eye contact with him, spoke to him, and let him know that someone really cared. I have no doubt that this gentleman’s quality of life was enhanced by Kathy’s genuine and creative work as well as her heartfelt care for him. I would recommend her to anyone who needed advice or assistance with their loved one.
– James F., Elderlaw Attorney