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Care Management

Care Management services provide advice and direction on how to navigate life’s challenges as we age. We work directly with older adults and their families to develop a plan to address a family’s specific needs. Our work begins with an assessment of the older adult and their current living environment. We then develop both recommendations and a strategy focused on how best to meet their changing needs. This can often include assembling resources in order to maintain independence as long as possible, a Home Safety Assessment, coordination with adult children or other family members living at a distance, and assisting with financial considerations.We view their situation from 35,000 feet above, seeing the gaps and then providing thoughtful, intelligent, compassionate solutions and recommendations.

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Patient Advocacy

It is not easy to navigate the healthcare system, nor is it a given that you will be “heard” by your physicians. A large focus of our work is in the realm of Patient Advocacy where we assist with the often-cumbersome process of obtaining and conveying accurate information within the medical profession. At the patient’s request, or when family is not available to assist, we attend doctors’ appointments with older adults (or anyone with challenges) in order to ensure their needs are met. We ask the patient (and/or their family) to tell us their questions and concerns for an upcoming doctor’s appointment and we then create a bullet-point list of everything that needs to be addressed, summarize each MD visit and disseminate the information to patient and family (if that is their wish). In this capacity we act as the eyes and ears for adult children or other friends/family who may not be nearby.

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Are you overwhelmed, confused, don’t know where to start, what steps to take next? We will spend a telephone or video hour together and provide you with answers, solutions, and strategies so you can begin putting one foot in front of the other. Examples of topics covered in our consultations: communication strategies for parents with dementia, knowing what to ask when touring an assisted living community, how to file a claim for long term care insurance, patient advocacy tips, medication management strategies, how to support your ‘well’ parent, what level of care is needed, and so much more. This is a great first step for anyone who is unsure of what lies ahead and how much support they might need.

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After decades of experience, we’re pleased to be a leading resource for our families, and that includes gathering industry information, current scientific research, and pertinent books.  No matter what challenge you might face, we have likely encountered a similar situation and have the resources to help you overcome it. Our team has been through the trenches, and we are ready to help you get through yours. 

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