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Wellness Assessment

This comprehensive evaluation will give you the tools to help improve your quality of life and sense of well being. We begin by determining your “General Well Being” which gives us a clear understanding of the areas of your life that are currently satisfying and what you would like to change or improve. We then survey your living environment to understand how you “dwell” in your space and develop strategies to help make the environment more conducive to your well being. The final step in the process focuses on sensory exploration – how to optimize your lifestyle to nurture the five senses. We look for things in your home and in your life that can be amplified, or changed, that will help you feel happier and more secure.  Simply put, our vision centers on improving the quality of life for older adults.

Wellness Workshops

We offer custom designed workshops on most any topic related to aging. Led by Kathryn Freda, or a panel of experts on a given topic, we can tailor the workshop to meet the needs of any size group. Topics can include:

  • Stress Reduction For Elders
  • Journaling: The Process Of Release
  • To Move or Not To Move

Vision Boarding

Through a guided, collaborative Vision Boarding process, we create a visual representation of your life, either in part or whole, that can help you to gain clarity and a fresh perspective. At the conclusion of the process, we provide a summary assessment including verbal and written recommendations for improved well being and greater life satisfaction.

Facilitated Life Review

The benefits of Life Review are many – contact us to form an ongoing group within your facility or center, or, to work with us individually.

Life review, or the telling of one’s story, may be done at any stage of life, but never more important than when an older adult. Everyone’s life has great meaning: we all experience joy, conflict, loss, pain, success and failure. Yet sometimes all this experience resides solely in our own minds and is not shared, processed, or released. Life review, structured or not, assists us in making meaning or sense of our lives; it helps us resolve conflict, reduce stress, and often feel a great sense of relief.

Some people prefer to simply reminisce, but in the presence of another. This would be unstructured, conversational, and without any sort of documenting of the facts. The process is casual, but very meaningful and informative.

Others prefer something more structured and deliberate, perhaps beginning with earliest childhood memories and continuing through all the important phases and events throughout one’s life. In this scenario, which we refer to as Facilitated Life Review, the older adult often wants to document, in some way, parts of their story. We have the ability to audio and/or video tape the conversation as an important legacy builder for future generations. If preferable, we can also transcribe portions of the review.

Engaging in the life review process with a likeminded group is a fun, impactful, and supportive way to both tell a part of your life story every week, and also to hear the stories of your peers. It is amazing how much participants have in common and how open and honest group members become over time. In the group setting, we can either start the process with childhood and work our way chronologically, or we can have group members select a random, interesting question each week from the several hundred we always have with us.
Whether individually, or in a group, your life story deserves to be told.

We can produce a 90-minute audio or video that can be left to family and friends or, for your own private review. The Life Review is customized to meet your goals – it can be aimed at leaving a message, lessons or life history behind for future generations to enjoy and learn from or it can facilitate a personal life review. The format is tailored to meet your needs – interview, storytelling, etc. This process is relevant for any age – but is particularly appropriate for those in later stages of life.

Journal Writing

For certain clients, the art of journaling is appropriate. Through the use of journaling “prompts” and guidance, the client is encouraged to write down her thoughts, emotions, wishes, dreams. Being conscious of one’s own life and what is happening within it, being reflective and curious, can absolutely lead to greater wellness, healing, and stress reduction. Your journal is your prize, a sacred gift you have given to yourself and one that should be respected and cherished.

Discussion and processing of the journal entries helps make meaning of the subject matter. Journal “assignments” may be given in between sessions.

Pet Therapy

There is no disputing the fact that pets are good for us – all of us, whether we are a toddler or a great grandparent. The presence of an animal (including fish, birds, etc.) in a person’s life will increase happiness, elevate mood, decrease depression and loneliness, and, overall, make the world a better place in which to dwell.

Benefits include:

  • Experience the love and companionship only an animal can provide
  • Stress reduction, improved quality of life, joy
  • Care for a pet fosters a sense of responsibility